Reacts to Touch!

You can individually turn on and off each hexagon with a wave of your hand!  You can also control brightness for perfect light every time!

Make Any Pattern You Want

Easily adjust the hexagons to make any shape you want!  Attach the power hexagon via adhesive on the back and start building the design of your choice.

Light Up Your Creativity

Our patented lights are perfect for any space, any room, anywhere.  As long as the wall is flat you'll have a creative design up just in time to WOW all your friends!


I purchased this to add some creativity to my work space.  They're easy to connect and I love that I can control how bright they are!  I will be buying some more to make my designs even larger! FIVE STARS!!!


My bedroom lamp made it too bright in my room at night. These lights decorate the space above my bed.  Now I can adjust the lighting to fit whatever I'm doing!


Great product!  I bought them for my sons room for when he gets scared of the monsters under his bed.  Now he sleeps soundly (FINALLY), bless you WonderfulWants!

Frank Lee