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Doggy Chew Toy Toothbrush

Doggy Chew Toy Toothbrush

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Help prevent the decay of your dog's teeth with this non-toxic and eco-friendly chew toy toothbrush.

Soft design ensures safety for your dog, 360 degree design will clean all of your furry friend's teeth!

Comes with fragrance enhanced toothpaste to entice your dog to chew their little hearts out and come away with clean breath! (Note: Specify whether you'd like vanilla or beef flavored toothpaste for your order in the comments)

Net Weight:0.1kg
Type:Fit 0-50lbs, all of small and medium dogs
Target Pet:Dog
Toys Type:Chew Toys
Package included:
1x Dog Toothbrush Stick

1. Fresh Smell: the toothpaste can solve the dog oral odor to help get your relationship much closer.
2. Beautiful: it can get the dog teeth white and make your dogs more attractive and beautiful.
3. Healthy: the toothpaste has the function of preventing tooth decaying and aging and can prevent other oral diseases.
4. 75g Capacity: one toothpaste is 75g, and it can meet the dental cleaning for a long time, which is economic and practical.

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