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Portable Perfume Optimizer

Portable Perfume Optimizer

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Does your perfume aroma fade too quickly?  Always have the aroma of a goddess with our Perfume Optimizer!  It is easily concealed for any occasion, you'll consistently have the perfect essence.


  • Patented design that fits any standard perfume bottle
  • Refills in seconds. Oh La La!
  • No leaks or air damage to your fragrance during fill up
  • Carries 5 ML of liquid which gives you up to 65 sprays

Which design color fits you?

Optimizer Size:

Height: 3.3 inches

Diameter: .63 inches

Perfect for any clutch, handbag, or dress pocket!

How to Refill:

  1. Remove the spray bottle head.
  2. Pump the Optimizer to fill out 5-6 times.
  3. Optimal aroma good all day all night!

The inside glass which holds your perfume is protected by durable plastic, designed to prevent damage from drops and not allow the perfume to breathe until you're ready to wear it.  It is also allowed through airport security!

Package Includes:

One Refillable Perfume Optimizer

Free Shipping Included & 30 day money back guarantee!  Never be without your favorite scent again, buy now!

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