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Spider Web Art Nail Gel

Spider Web Art Nail Gel

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Give your nails the salon treatment they deserve!  Customize your nails with a beautiful stringy design, the only limit is your imagination.  With 44 colors to choose from you'll find the perfect color guaranteed!  Also comes with free shipping!

Spend less time and money getting manicures by using our Spider Web Art Nail Gel to make your manicure stand out from the crowd.  These unique Spider Web Art Nail Gels have been showcased thousands of times on Instagram, because our gel gives photo worthy results.

The Best Nail Gel

  • Straight lines
  • Use different sized applying tools to create different lines
  • Create the exact look you're going for in no time
  • Comes with 7 ML of thick nail gel


Easy to Maintain

  • Easy apply method
  • lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Can be cured 
  • Soak your nails to remove the gel


Easy to Apply

  1. Apply the base coat
  2. Apply elastic drawing gel with dotting pen
  3. Draw your design
  4. Finish your design and cure
  5. Apply top coat
  6. Enjoy your beautiful unique nail design

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